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"Tian Yuan Cup" Peking University Law School's 13th Moot Court Competition Concluded Successfully

The "Tian Yuan Cup" Peking University Law School's 13th moot court competition came to a successful conclusion recently. The preliminary round of this competition will be held on May 14-15, 2022. It lasted several months and attracted a total of 23 teams and 90 contestants to sign up. It provides a simulated practice platform for school students to gain legal practice experience.


The "Tian Yuan Cup" Moot Court Competition of Peking University Law School aims to enable students to apply the theoretical knowledge of law and basic judicial skills they have learned to practice through personal participation. Through analyzing and studying cases, simulating case handling, and interpreting legal regulations, they can grasp the relationship between the case and the law, and understand the practical application of legal theory, so as to achieve the effect of unifying theory and practice.


Tian Yuan attaches great importance to this moot court competition. Tian Yuan partners Zhou Yan, Liao Kezhong, and Wang Ze participated in the pre-competition publicity activities. In the semi-final stage, the partners Liao Kezhong, Fu Wenhui, Wang Qi, Zhang Chenyang, Ren Jiaju, and senior lawyer Huang Jingjing also participated in the whole process. Tian Yuan partners Liao Kezhong, Wang Qi, and Lu Yang, senior lawyers Guo Hao, Hou Yi, Lu Xin, and Xu Jingwei attended the final as judges.