Tian Yuan has gathered elite lawyers in various fields, has more than 200 partners, more than 800 professionals, and provides customers with all-round, cross-regional, comprehensive and one-stop legal services with profound practice experience and project experience. and best business solutions.


With 30 years of experience in legal practice and continuous innovation in practice, Tian Yuan's business covers the main practice fields and emerging fields of Chinese lawyers, and maintains the level of China's top lawyers and cross-team comprehensive service capabilities in many fields. Transactions and projects and cases with great industry influence.

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Tian Yuan lawyers keep up with the trend of the industry, focus on legal hot topics, and rely on unique perspectives and market insights to help clients understand the latest changes in the law, and use professional observation, analysis and insights to help clients make more informed business choices and decisions.

About Us

As a leading law firm with a long history and profound culture in China, Tian Yuan has always been based on legal services, constantly exploring and innovating, and has moved forward with the Chinese economy for 30 years. We have offices in 15 economically active cities in China and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.


With the continuous upgrading of Internet technologies and autonomous driving technologies, the era of Internet of Everything has come for the automotive industry. As the trend of automotive intelligence and electrification persists, national and local pilot projects in regarding to intelligent connected vehicles (ICV) are being launched and expanded unceasingly, and relevant regulations and standards are being rolled out constantly. While keeping providing traditional legal services to the automotive industry, with a focus on the booming ICV business, we are also committed to providing all-round professional legal services to new and old clients in the traditional and emerging sectors of the automotive industry.



Work Highlights
  • Provided comprehensive legal services to traditional automobile manufacturers and emerging automakers, assisted in resolving common and novel legal disputes in the automobile industry, offered specialized non-litigation legal services such as investment and M&A, safeguarding the daily operations of automakers
  • Provided comprehensive legal services and systematic problem-solving solutions for leading companies in the intelligent network-connected automobile industry, including data compliance, intellectual property rights, litigation and arbitration, specific non-litigation legal needs, etc.

  • Assisted automobile manufacturers and dealers in responding to market changes, dealt with whole vehicle wholesale, daily sales, and technical development disputes, and provided comprehensive dispute resolution services

  • Continually followed up on new trends and developments in the automobile industry such as autonomous driving, car data security processing, vehicle networking, etc., and provided solutions for the new legal needs of our clients in the automotive industry chain

  • Regularly published Tian Yuan Intelligent Networked Vehicle Legal Observations, sharing the latest industry trends and regulations with our clients in the automotive industry chain, providing analytical advice on hot industry topics