Tian Yuan has gathered elite lawyers in various fields, has more than 200 partners, more than 800 professionals, and provides customers with all-round, cross-regional, comprehensive and one-stop legal services with profound practice experience and project experience. and best business solutions.


With 30 years of experience in legal practice and continuous innovation in practice, Tian Yuan's business covers the main practice fields and emerging fields of Chinese lawyers, and maintains the level of China's top lawyers and cross-team comprehensive service capabilities in many fields. Transactions and projects and cases with great industry influence.

Insights & News

Tian Yuan lawyers keep up with the trend of the industry, focus on legal hot topics, and rely on unique perspectives and market insights to help clients understand the latest changes in the law, and use professional observation, analysis and insights to help clients make more informed business choices and decisions.

About Us

As a leading law firm with a long history and profound culture in China, Tian Yuan has always been based on legal services, constantly exploring and innovating, and has moved forward with the Chinese economy for 30 years. We have offices in 15 economically active cities in China and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

Our Culture
  • Collaboration

    We are a community that pursues the same values. Mutual trust is our foundation, mutual sincerity is our advantage, and trust and sincerity are the support for effective cooperation. Only by pooling the wisdom and strength of all and drawing on each other's strengths can we achieve success.


  • Enterprising

    The rule of development is aggressiveness. We are not satisfied with what is in front of us, we do not stay in the present moment, we do not stop at ourselves. It is our unswerving pursuit to maintain our competitiveness in the legal service market and to give success and excellence the right connotation.


  • Inclusive

    We are honored to have every partner. Inclusiveness is the starting point for us to achieve a win-win situation. Learning from others' strengths is the key for us to cope with diversity competition. Embracing differences, blending and blooming, and shaping a cultural heritage that can hold everything.


  • Respect

    Respect is a kind of equality, not looking down, not looking up, neither humble nor arrogant. We advocate equality and emphasize empathy and empathy. Respecting and understanding the values of each individual helps us achieve true integration.


  • Innovation

    As lawyers, we need creativity in our service. New challenges spur us to continue to explore and innovate, to find the most efficient and feasible solutions with a new way of thinking that has never been seen before.


  • Diligent

    Working hard is the everyday life of a lawyer. Clients are the ones who need help. We always take "customer first, pursuit of excellence" as our service tenet, and are willing to devote endless time and energy to it. For us, there is no other way to be diligent, only persistence.


Join Us

Tian Yuan has set up offices in 14 economically active cities in China. With its first-class career platform, professional training system, transparent and smooth promotion channels, and diverse and inclusive working environment, it has attracted many excellent teams and young legal professionals to join.


Why choose Tian Yuan
  • As a leading law firm with a long history and profound culture in China, we always take legal services as the foundation and constantly explores and innovates
  • The well-known unique cultural tradition of mentoring and apprenticeship, and is committed to cultivating talents into future partners
  • People-oriented, consecutively awarded the Best Employer
  • First-class career platform, transparent and smooth promotion channel, cross-regional and cross-department talent flow opportunities
  • Maintaining a leading position in the industry in many professional fields, and consecutively listed in both domestic and international legal rankings
  • Benefit from excellent client influence and accumulate experience in serving leading enterprises in many industries in China
  • Under the powerful and professional training system, realize life-time career development
  • Collaborate with outstanding lawyers and experience a diverse and inclusive working environment
  • Complete management system, providing clients with efficient and superior legal services
Choose Tian Yuan, Choose Excellence