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As a leading law firm with a long history and profound culture in China, Tian Yuan has always been based on legal services, constantly exploring and innovating, and has moved forward with the Chinese economy for 30 years. We have offices in 15 economically active cities in China and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

Insolvency & Restructuring

As one of the earlier law firms in China to establish a professional team for debt restructuring and handle insolvency cases, we are a designated insolvency administrator of the Beijing Municipal High People's Court. Since we were selected as one of the first batch of institutional administrators for corporate insolvency cases by the Beijing Municipal High People's Court more than ten years ago, we have handled numerous corporate bankruptcy liquidation and restructuring cases, been designated by the court as the liquidation team in a number of corporate compulsory liquidation cases, and accumulated rich experience in the field of insolvency and liquidation. As a large comprehensive law firm, in addition to insolvency services, we also provide enterprises with all-round legal services for issues concerning finance, labor, accounting, taxation, real estate and dispute resolution in related procedures.


Work Highlights
  • In 2022, acting as the bankruptcy administrator for the restructuring case of Kaidi Ecological And Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Kaidi Eco), assisted it in gaining court approval for its restructuring plan; Overcame the complexities of numerous creditors, intricate debt structures, enormous debt scale, severe asset-liability imbalance, and divergent interest demands from Kaidi Eco and 21 other companies, and, after a year and a half, formulated the draft of the restructuring plan, which was subsequently approved by the Wuhan Intermediate People's Court; This led to the resolution of Kaidi Eco's debt crisis that began in 2018 and lasted nearly five years
  • In 2021, as designated by the Intermediate People's Court of Wuhan, Hubei, served as a member of the administrators in the insolvency and restructuring case of Kaidi Eco, and managed the restructuring of this case. Kaidi Eco was once the largest-capacity, most technologically advanced biomass power generation company in China, which invested in over 200 power plants scattered across seventeen provinces. This case involves an insolvency claim scale exceeding RMB 70 billion, and over 400,000 farmer fuel merchants creditors. Due to its significant social impact, its restructuring work is being carried out under the close attention of the local government

  • Represented Beijing Hongtian Zhida Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tianrun Shengfeng Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. in their insolvency liquidation cases; Both cases were selected as the "Top 10 Typical Insolvency Cases", demonstrating pioneering significance

  • Appointed by the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court to serve as the administrator in the insolvency & restructuring case of Beijing Taifeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The primary asset in this case was the China Entrepreneurs Building, developed and constructed by the debtor, located in the South Square of Beijing West Railway Station. Due to its strategic location at a major transportation hub in Beijing, the overall value of this building was high. Furthermore, the case involved the rights and interests of nearly 200 house buyers, hence its social impact was immense. Thanks to our efforts, after the selection of the investor(s) and the formulation of the restructuring plan, the draft of the restructuring plan for this case has been voted on and passed at the creditors' meeting, and approved by the court's ruling. It has now entered the execution phase

  • Provided specialized legal advisory services on insolvency and restructuring to multiple entities under CITICPE for their investment in eTrust Power Group Ltd. (Jiangsu), and handled litigation triggered by the corporate insolvency and restructuring involving the restructured corporation, investors, creditors, and other stakeholders

  • Between 2020 and 2021, the Zhengzhou Intermediate People's Court decreed that Henan YULIAN Group and Henan ZHONGFU INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. would enter the insolvency and restructuring process, with the company's liquidation group acting as the bankruptcy administrator; as the legal counsel of the liquidation group, fully participated in the insolvency and restructuring affairs; The case involved more than RMB 30 billion; The restructuring plan for this case is currently in effect and in the execution phase

  • Commissioned by HuaChangda Group and its controlling shareholders, provided comprehensive legal services for the company's pre-restructuring and subsequent judicial restructuring cases

  • Commissioned by HowBuy Wealth Co., Ltd., representing the company as a strategic investor, fully participated in the insolvency and restructuring case of N-Securities Co., Ltd.

  • Acting upon the entrustment of Huarong Huitong Asset Management Co., Ltd., serving as its perennial legal advisor for insolvency business, offering legal consultations, performing legal analyses, coordinating communication with relevant entities such as administrators, drafting related documents, and participating in creditors' meetings in respect of the company's business related to insolvency and restructuring, reorganization, liquidation, etc. Cases participated so far mainly include: the consolidated insolvency and restructuring case of Goocoo Investment Co., Ltd. and 43 other companies, the debt restructuring case of Sanpower Group, the insolvency liquidation case of Yichang Three Gorges Quantong Coated & Galvanized Plate Co., Ltd., and the insolvency and restructuring case of Guizhou Luxin Xiyi industrial Mining Co., Ltd., etc.

  • Representing Shangrao Hanghong Commercial Operation Management Co., Ltd. as the restructuring investor, successfully restructured Shangrao Junyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. with an investment of RMB 80 million in the form of public welfare bonds; Currently, the restructuring plan has taken effect and the insolvent enterprise has resumed normal sales

  • Represented CRRC Investment & Leasing Co., Ltd., in the insolvency and restructuring case of Henan Jinyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Nanyang Jinyu Real Estate Co., Ltd.; Completed the declaration of claims, participated in the creditors' meeting, conducted legal analysis of the restructuring plan, and communicated with the administrator

  • Commissioned by a wholly state-owned company's subsidiary, provided specialized legal services for its debt restructuring and reorganization project. In this project, our team provided comprehensive legal services, deeply participated in the design of the restructuring plan, the reorganization of certain assets and debts involved during the restructuring process, drafting a full set of legal documents, etc. With highly sensitive information, tight schedule, and heavy tasks, this project posed a high-level challenge. The professionalism demonstrated by our team during the service has received high recognition from the client. The project involved a debt restructuring amount of approximately RMB 200 billion and is still in progress

  • Commissioned by Zhongshang Guohong Technology Co., Ltd. to serve as the investor's lawyer in the insolvency case of Sichuan Aostar Aluminium Co., Ltd.

  • Commissioned by Beijing Moshanghua Tech Co., Ltd., to serve as the creditor's lawyer in the insolvency case of Hangzhou DISCOVERY Culture Media Co., Ltd.

  • Represented CRRC Investment & Leasing Co., Ltd., in the insolvency and restructuring case of Tianjin Erqi Kangkude Crankshaft Co., Ltd.; Completed the declaration of claims, participated in the creditors' meeting, conducted legal analysis of the restructuring plan, and communicated with the administrator

  • Represented Bank of Hangzhou Co., Ltd. in the insolvency and restructuring case of Hubei Yilin Silk Industry Development Co., Ltd.; Completed the declaration of claims, participated in the creditors' meeting, conducted legal analysis of the restructuring plan, and communicated with the administrator

  • From 2020 to 2021, under the designation of Chengdu Intermediate People's Court, served as the administrator for the insolvency liquidation case of Chengdu Jiuzhai Real Estate Company. Upon acceptance of the designation, we carried out all tasks efficiently and lawfully. In the process, adopting a restructuring mindset, we successfully found strategic investors. On this basis, the case's proceedings transitioned from liquidation to restructuring. The draft of the restructuring plan formulated by the administrator was passed with high votes at the creditors' meeting and was approved by the court’s ruling. The case was successfully restructured

  • In September 2021, appointed by the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court as the insolvency and liquidation administrator for Beijing Wanlvyuan Science and Trade Development Co., Ltd.

  • Commissioned by a securities limited company, represented an asset management limited company in relation to insolvency and restructuring matters, served as the creditor's lawyer, and provided related legal services; Through negotiation and discussion, debt restructuring, communication with various levels of government departments, litigation and settlement, our lawyer team confirmed the priority and exercise path enjoyed by creditors, effectively protecting the recoverability of the debt



















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